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Three High Rolling Mill


Three High Rolling Mill has semi - closed frame with casting housing.

The roller adopts four row short cylindrical roller and double thrust tapered roller to bear radial force and axial force. Hydraulic cylinder balancing device is adopted between upper and lower bearing support.

Axial adjustment of the upper and lower rollers: the middle roller does not move, and the upper roller can be adjusted axially by adjusting the lever and the two-way nut.

Three High Rolling Mill pressing down and pressing up device adopts hydraulic and manual pressing down.  Pressing down device of the upper roll is completed by worm gear, worm and pressing down screw. Pressing up device of the lower roll is completed by the worm gear. Drive side and operating side can be pressed separately and simultaneously. The pressing down display is provided with a visible dial.

Manually pressed tools are provided by users according to their preferences.

The frame is bolted to the horizontal base.

Universal coupling shaft: telescopic roll coupling shaft; the telescopic stroke is decided according to the roller sleeve.

Connecting shaft bracket: universal connecting shaft is supported by connecting shaft bracket when roller is changed. Bracket driven by hydraulic cylinder can move horizontally.

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