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Six Roll Mill


Six Roll Mill is used to roll out hollow hexagonal bit steel, which has higher molding efficiency and higher yield than the traditional die.

Six Roll Mill is driven by the main motor to drive the reducer.  The reducer drives the split-tooth box.  The split-tooth box has six output shafts drive six pairs of spiral bevel gear respectively.  The six output gears drive six rollers synchronous rotating respectively.  That is, all six rolls are active rolls.

Due to different product specifications, the corresponding roll diameter is also different, Six Roll Mill can roll the product range from B19 to B53.

In order to facilitate the production and improve the dimensional accuracy of the product, the roll can be moved along the mill radially to adjust the size of the product and compensate the roll wear. The roll can also be moved along its own axis to adjust the roll seam, improving the consistency of the product prismatic shape and appearance quality of the product.


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