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  • Seamless Steel Pipe Production Line for Iranian SAHA Put into Production


    Seamless steel pipe production line designed and manufactured by Taiyuan PLS for Iranian SAHA has been successfully put into production Read More
  • Tube Rolling Mill Completed


    The production of PLS's tube rolling mill has been successfully completed. This is not only the result of the hard work of the technical team, but also a strong proof of the company's technical strength and product quality.As an important industrial equipment, tube mill plays a vital role in metal p Read More
  • Successful Delivery of Six-roll Mill


    The completion of production and successful delivery of the six-roll mill developed by PLS marks another important breakthrough in the field of metallurgical equipment. Read More
  • Turnover Machine Completed Manufacture And Delivery


    PLS has received the good news that the steel turning machine manufactured by PLS has been successfully completed and shipped to the customer's factory. Read More
  • Advanced Seamless Pipe Equipment Export To Iran


    Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China, 2 February 2024 Taiyuan PLS Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that we have successfully exported a batch of advanced seamless pipe equipment to the Iranian market at the end of the year, which has been delivered on time. Read More
  • 650 Reversible Mill


    PLS has successfully designed and produced the 650 Reversible Mill, which had been successfully accepted in November 2023 and is operating normally.This 650 reversible rolling mill has attracted widespread attention in the industry due to its excellent performance and stability. With its unique des Read More
  • Special Alloy Steel


    There are many types of alloy steel, which are divided into alloy structural steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel, alloy tool steel, rolling bearing steel, alloy spring steel and special performance steel (such as soft magnetic steel, permanent Magnetic steel, non-magnetic steel), etc. Read More
  • Drum type flying shears


    The flying shear can be automatically or manually adjusted by the adjustment device to adapt to the shearing needs of different specifications of strip. Read More
  • The operating principle of the flying shear


    Flying shear is an important equipment used by steel enterprises to shear metal blanks, and its performance will directly affect the production efficiency of rolling production lines. Read More

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