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Seamless Steel Pipe Production Line for Iranian SAHA Put into Production

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Seamless steel pipe production line designed and manufactured by Taiyuan PLS for Iranian SAHA has been successfully put into production

Recently, Taiyuan PLS announced that the seamless steel pipe production line it designed and manufactured for Iranian SAHA customer has been officially put into production and successfully entered into stable operation. The achievement of this important milestone not only highlights the technical strength of Taiyuan PLS in the field of seamless steel pipe production, but also further consolidates the company's cooperative relationship with Iran's SAHA customer.

The seamless steel pipe production line adopts international advanced production technology and equipment, with a high level of automation and intelligence. The production line is designed with full consideration of the local production environment and market demand in Iran to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Taiyuan PLS dispatched a professional technical team to Iran to assist SAHA customer in the installation, commissioning and trial operation of the production line. Through the close cooperation and unremitting efforts of both teams, the production line passed all the tests and was successfully put into production.

The Iranian SAHA customer spoke highly of Taiyuan PLS's design and production capacity, and said that the successful commissioning of the production line will greatly enhance its seamless steel pipe production capacity and market competitiveness. Both sides expressed that they will continue to strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the progress and development of seamless steel pipe production technology.

Taiyuan PLS has always been committed to providing high-quality and high-efficiency seamless steel pipe production line solutions to customers around the world. The cooperation with Iranian SAHA customer once again proves the company's professional ability and market position in the field of seamless steel pipe production. In the future, PLS Taiyuan will continue to uphold the service concept of innovation, professionalism and high efficiency to provide better products and services to global customers.

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