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Successful Delivery of Six-roll Mill

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The completion of production and successful delivery of the six-roll mill developed by PLS marks another important breakthrough in the field of metallurgical equipment.

PLS, since its establishment, has been focusing on the research, design, development and production of metallurgical equipment. As one of the important products of the company, the production process of the six-roll mill strictly follows the high standard quality control system to ensure that each machine can achieve the best performance and quality.

In the production process, PLS relies on advanced manufacturing technology , excellent processing equipment and successfully completes the production of six-roll mill. Six-roll mill can meet the various needs of customers in the metallurgical industry, providing strong support for customers' production.

The successful delivery of the six-roll mill not only reflects the strong production capacity and technical strength of PLS, but also further consolidates the company's leading position in the metallurgical equipment market. PLS will continue to uphold "quality first, customer first" , and constantly improve product quality and service level, to provide customers with better products and services.

At the same time, PLS will continue to pay attention to industry trends and technology development trends, strengthen technological innovation and R & D efforts and launch more competitive metallurgical equipment products.

Overall, the successful production and shipment of PLS's six-roll mill is an important milestone in the company's development history, and a reflection of the company's continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation. In the future, the company will continue to work hard to achieve higher goals.

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