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1.Progress report
Progress report shall be submitted to Purchaser every month (Monthly report) so that every step of manufacturing and/or purchasing schedule can be foreseen and recognized by Purchaser comparing with Contract schedule. If Purchaser requests the vouchers of step, Vendor should submit them to Purchaser.


2.Quality control responsibility
If Purchaser’s supervisor and/or inspector instruct rectification and improvement to Vendor when they have queries for schedule and quality during all stage of manufacturing, Vendor must execute their instruction.
Vendor cannot postpone to execute these, even Vendor considers that these exceed Contract condition under the condition that such will be discussed later.
All materials and equipment should be inspected by Vendor’s Quality Control Department and inspection records shall be issued to Purchaser for approval.
If authorized persons of Purchaser are dispatched to Vendor for survey and/or inspection purpose, Vendor should cooperate with them to make their duties carried out smoothly.
When they instruct to suspend works for their inspection and/or confirmation, Vendor
must follow instructions.
This does not justify Vendor to change delivery schedule.
Vendor’s inspection records must be accepted and be approved by Purchaser before shipment.
In the case that Purchaser does not accept Vendor’s inspection records with reasonable reasons, Vendor must repair or take necessary remedy for the said equipment and/or parts without extra charge to Purchaser.
By the reason of the unacceptable inspection records in the above, Vendor is not allowed delay of the shipping schedule and must keep the schedule without extra charge to Purchaser.
All cost for countermeasure to keep time schedule are born by Vendor.
If change of engineering and design attributable to Purchaser, Purchaser may discuss
and bear cost after mutual discussion later.


3.Schedule control responsibility
Vendor must submit design/manufacturing schedule to Purchaser, and the schedule must be acceptable by Purchaser. In the case that each step of manufacturing is behind the accepted schedule by Purchaser, Vendor should inform Purchaser and take all efforts to catch up the schedule with the instructions of Purchaser.
All cost for countermeasure to keep time schedule should be born by Vendor.
If change of engineering and design attributable to Purchaser affects Vendor’s schedule, Purchaser discusses and bears cost.


Dispatch of Purchaser’s supervisor and/or inspector to Vendor

Purchaser dispatches Purchaser’s supervisor and/or inspector to Vendor.
Vendor should cooperate with them to make their duties carried out smoothly.
1.If Vendor intends to make subcontract with approved Sub-Vendors, Vendor must submit details and get approval of Purchaser.
If purchaser rejects such Sub-Vendors, all costs incurred by this are born by Vendor.
2.Vendor must submit sub-Vendor list including work and purchase equipment items with quotation.
3.Purchaser may require Sub-Vendor’s company profiles and necessary documents.
If Purchaser requests survey on the Sub-Vendors, Vendor should make necessary arrangement for Purchaser or carry out such survey by Vendor itself.
Dispatch to site of Vendor’s supervisor
When Vendor dispatches supervisors to site, Vendor should submit quotation under following conditions.
1. Quotation shall be unit price of calendar day.
2. Vendor propose recommended SV period.
3. SV should follow Purchaser’s instruction from staying site.
If they go to outside of site, they should get Purchaser’s approval.
4. If they do not follow P’s instruction and P suffer damages, Purchaser can claim his damages to Vendor and Vendor should pay agreed amount to Purchaser.

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