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Drum type flying shears

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Drum type flying shear is used in all kinds of strip continuous cold rolling mill outlet to achieve dynamic recoiling. During the shearing process, the upper and lower rollers of the flying shear make circular movements, and the cutting edge installed in the drum rotates with the drum to do shear motion and cut off the strip. The flying shear can be automatically or manually adjusted by the adjustment device to adapt to the shearing needs of different specifications of strip.

Scope of application

This type of drum flying shear is suitable for pickling rolling mill combined group, fully continuous cold rolling mill, used for dynamic slitting strip, can also be used for strip head and tail shearing, recoiling according to set coil, cutting length according to set length and accident shearing.

Equipment structure and composition

Drum type flying shear, mainly composed of flying shear body, transmission device, cutting edge gap adjustment device, lubrication system, etc.

The structure of the flying shear body is mainly composed of a frame, upper and lower roller assembly with cutting edges, etc. The frame is a steel structure processing part, the drum is installed in the frame through cylindrical roller bearings, and a pair of helical gears are provided at both ends of the upper and lower drums, namely the transmission side and the operating side, and the gears are synchronous gears to ensure that the speed of the upper and lower drums is strictly consistent. The cutting edge is installed in the drum and is made by a special heat treatment process, with high comprehensive mechanical properties. The drum operating side is equipped with thrust bearings to fix the drum axially and to accommodate axial loads.

Technical operating procedures

1. Before starting the flying shear, the operator must observe the operators around the flying shear and confirm that it is correct before driving.

2. When the flying shears are overhauled or the cutting edge is replaced, the flying shear operation table must be powered off before the operation can be carried out.

3. When the flying shear occurs arch steel and stuck steel, it should be stopped immediately and urgently.

4. During the normal operation of the flying shear, the operator should pay attention to the surroundings of the flying shear at any time, and personnel are strictly prohibited from passing.

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