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Walking Beam Cooling Bed


The Walking Beam Cooling Bed is often used in the bar production line and can reduce the temperature of the bar from 900℃ to 100℃.

The Walking Beam Cooling Bed is mainly composed of input roller table with angle, apron board device, straightening plate device, rack type stepping beam, cooling device, alignment roller table, row chain conveying mechanism, discharge trolley, output roller table and so on.  

The working mode of the Walking Beam Cooling Bed:  The rolled piece passes through the input roller table to the apron board device, and then the apron board device lifted the rolled piece and transferred to the straightening plate device. The straightening plate straightens each rolled piece so that it will not be placed across teeth; Then the moving rack lifts the rolling piece to move a tooth forward, and then put the rolling piece on the static rack. In this way, it moves forward in a circle. The fan cooling device installed at the bottom of the cold bed blows air to accelerate the cooling of the rolling piece; After the rolling piece is moved from the moving rack to the alignment roll table, which aligns the head of the rolling piece on the alignment roll table; The moving rack then moves the rolling piece to chain conveying mechanism; The discharge trolley transfers the rolled pieces on the chain conveyer to the output roller table.


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