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Double Station Roll Changing Manipulator


Purpose: Double Station Roll Changing Manipulator is used for replacing two-roll short stress rolling mill roll. Double Station Roll Changing Manipulator is suitable for high efficiency roll replacement with relatively spacious operation site.  Each rolling mill should be equipped with one set of Double Station Roll Changing Manipulator.

Structure: Welding structure of double station roller device supports roll and confines the movement of the roll.  One station is used to place the new roll, while the pther to place the old roll which needs to be replaced.  The hydraulic cylinder drives the idler device to move horizontally, so that the two stations are aligned with the disassembly and assembly position respectively.  A disassembling trolley driven by hydraulic cylinders on the operating side and transmission side of the roll assembly can quickly separate or assemble the bearing seat from the roll. Double Station Roll Changing Manipulator improves the efficiency of roll replacement.  


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