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Special Alloy Production Line


The Special Alloy Production Line is mainly used for rolling titanium alloy, nickel alloy and superalloy and other high-end rare materials.  It involves less investment, high degree of automation, which meets the requirements of small batch, large number of specifications, difficult deformation and other characteristics of special alloy. The Special Alloy Production Line is mainly composed of two high transverse reversing mill line, automatic turning machine, centering device, heating device, continuous rolling mill, collection equipment, electronic control system, hydraulic and lubricating system, etc.

Equipment design, manufacturing standards and quality inspection

1. Design criteria for equipment:

The technical standards, process specifications and quality standards of equipment design shall be strictly implemented in accordance with relevant national standards.

2. Manufacturing standards for equipment:

The technical standards, process specifications and quality standards of equipment manufacturing shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant national standards.

3. Equipment quality inspection:

1)The vendor shall design, select materials, manufacture, inspect and test its equipment according to relevant standards.

2)The vendor shall conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the quality, specifications, quantity and weight of the Contract equipment before delivery and issue a certificate to certify that the goods comply with the Contract provisions. The vendor shall bear the cost of testing the equipment before delivery.

3)The vendor shall have the right to send its own inspectors to inspect the manufacturing and quality of the equipment together with the vendor 's personnel, and shall also have the right to participate in the inspection of other purchased equipment and the meetings related to equipment quality held by the vendor and third-party manufacturers. The vendor shall notify the buyer ten days before the equipment assembly and inspection. Assembly and testing of the equipment shall be carried out accompanied by the buyer's personnel.

4)If the buyer's personnel find that the equipment is defective or does not comply with the provisions of the contract, the buyer has the right to put forward its own opinions. The vendor shall fully consider these opinions and take necessary measures to correct the defects at its’ own expense. After the defect is eliminated, the buyer shall conduct another inspection and test, and the vendor shall bear the expenses arising therefrom.

5)Acceptance at the factory cannot replace the unpacking inspection when the goods arrive at the buyer's factory.

6)The vendor shall provide the buyer's inspectors with necessary tools and materials free of charge.

7)Unpacking inspection is carried out in the buyer's factory. The vendor shall have the right to send inspectors to the buyer's factory for inspection at its own expense. The buyer shall notify the vendor of the unpacking inspection date one month in advance and provide necessary assistance. In case of any shortage, defect, damage or other non-conformity with the contract provisions or quality standards, the buyer shall issue a detailed report and sign it. If it is the vendor’s fault, the report will be used as a valid proof for the buyer to claim, repair and replace the goods. The vendor shall pay for the repair.

8)If the vendor fails to dispatch inspectors to the buyer's site for inspection in a timely manner for reasons other than the buyer's, the buyer shall have the right to open the goods for inspection independently.


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