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Scrap Chopper

Technical parameters:

Rolling speed: ≤11m/s

Rolling section: ≤50mm×50mm

Scrap Chopper is arranged in the intermediate rolling unit of the bar and wire production line to cut the head and tail of the rolled piece during normal production. When the finishing rolling set breaks down, Scrap Chopper is used to break the rolled pieces. Scrap Chopper is arranged before finishing mill in the wire production line to break the rolled pieces in case of accidents happened in finishing mill group.

The speed ratio of Scrap Chopper is small and the cutting edge linear speed is fast, which means that Scrap Chopper is suitable for the rolling piece of small section and fast speed. Only one cutting edge can be installed on a cutting arm. When it is necessary to reduce the broken length of the rolled piece, there are two options. First, a single shear blade can be installed on the shear arm.  Second, a wide and narrow two shear blades can be installed at an interval of 180 °.  Only a wide cutting edge is used for the cutting head and tail of the rolling piece, and both a wide cutting edge and a narrow cutting edge are used for breaking the rolled piece.

Technical parameters:

Rolling speed: ≤11m/s

Rolling section: ≤50mm×50mm


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